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A Legal Examination of Recent Extradition Proceedings about Turkish Citizens Abroad, with Ben Keith, September 2022
Weaponization of Anti-Terror Financing Measures, with Michael Polak, September 2022

NAVO-deal maakt uitlevering Turkse politieke dissidenten waarschijnlijk niet mogelijk, Jubel, (July, 18, 2022)
Advocatuur wereldwijd onder vuur: casus van de Turkse advocaten, Jubel, (June, 26, 2022)

La Turchia accoglie gli oligarchi russi e diventa un rifugio per i loro capitali, Linkiesta, (April 5, 2022), with Eleonora Mongelli,

Algorithmic persecution in Turkey’s post-coup crackdown, Statewatch, (November 25, 2021)

Turkey’s opposition bloc appears to have agreed to a very bad judicial deal, Ahval, (May 22, 2021) https://ahvalnews.com/chp/turkeys-opposition-bloc-appears-have-agreed-very-bad-judicial-deal

Human rights abusers re-elected to Turkey’s Council of Judges and Prosecutors (May 27, 2021) https://ahvalnews.com/council-judges-and-prosecutors/human-rights-abusers-re-elected-turkeys-council-judges-and

Does the pro-Kurdish HDP stand a chance of fair trial in Turkey? (March 24, 2021) https://ahvalnews.com/hdp/does-pro-kurdish-hdp-stand-chance-fair-trial-turkey

It’s time for the COE members to bring a new inter-state case against Turkey, Ahval, (February 13, 2021) https://ahvalnews.com/human-rights/its-time-coe-members-bring-new-inter-state-case-against-turkey

Turkey’s abuse of its anti-terror laws and the significance of the ECHR’s Demirtaş Judgment, Ahval, (January 2, 2021) https://ahvalnews.com/selahattin-demirtas/turkeys-abuse-its-anti-terror-laws-and-significance-echrs-demirtas-judgment

The ECHR’s priority policy is failing Turkey’s human rights victims, Ahval, (November 28, 2020) https://ahvalnews.com/echr/echrs-priority-policy-failing-turkeys-human-rights-victims

Purge victims’ lives in shambles years after Turkey’s failed putsch, Ahval, (October 21, 2020)


The legality of mass arrests of lawyers in Turkey, Ahval, (September 29, 2020) https://ahvalnews.com/turkey-lawyers/legality-mass-arrests-lawyers-turkey

The Legality of Mass Arrests of Lawyers in Turkey, Verfassungsblog, (September 28, 2020) https://verfassungsblog.de/continuing-violation/

Early parole reforms in Turkey put political prisoners at increased risk, Open Global Rights (July 2, 2020) https://www.openglobalrights.org/early-parole-reforms-in-turkey-put-political-prisoners-at-increased-risk/?lang=English (For Spanish and Turkish)

Yildiz, Ali and Spencer, Leighann, The Erosion of Property Rights in Turkey (April 27, 2020). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3586084

The Erosion of Property Rights in Turkey, International Association of Constitutional Law Blog, 28/05/2020.

¡No olvidemos a los presos políticos de Turquía ante la amenaza de COVID-19! | Abogacia Espanola, 07/05/2020.

El proyecto de ley de Turquía para frenar el coronavirus en las prisiones victimiza a los presos políticos, El Diario, 02/04/2020.

Before it Spreads “Like Wildfire”: Prisoners’ Rights in the Time of COVID-19 | Verfassungsblog, 01/04/2020, (with Emre Turkut).

Human Rights in a State of Emergency, International Association of Constitutional Law Blog, 26/03/2020.

Did Turkey’s Recent Emergency Decrees Derogate from the Absolute Rights? | Verfassungsblog, 28/09/2019.

 The Turkish Judiciary’s Violations of Human Rights Guarantees: The ECtHR’s Recent Parmak & Bakir Judgment and Turkey’s Post-Coup Terrorism Trials, Verfassungsblog, 9/1/2020 (with Spencer, Leighann).

Turkey’s Disregard for the Freedom of Movement, Verfassungsblog, 11/12/2019.

Turkey’s Ad Hominem Emergency Decrees – Measure or Penalty? (Post 2 of 2), International Association of Constitutional Law Blog, 19/12/2019.

Turkey’s Ad Hominem Emergency Decrees – Measure or Penalty? (Post 1 of 2) , International Association of Constitutional Law Blog, 17/12/2019.

Does the Turkish Constitutional Court Provide Effective Remedies for Human Rights Violations, International Association of Constitutional Law Blog, 19/11/2019.

¿Han sido los DDHH derogados por los recientes decretos de excepción de Turquía? | Abogacia Espanola, 24/10/2019.

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