Safeguards provided for refugees by the INTERPOL

Safeguarding the status of refugee and asylum-seeker from criminal abuse

In 2017, INTERPOL’s General Assembly adopted a resolution regarding the processing of data related to individuals who have been granted refugee or asylum seeker status. 

GA-2017-86-RES-09 – INTERPOL policy on refugees

The resolution aims to provide adequate and effective safeguards to protect the rights of refugees. 

Refugees can ask the INTERPOL to remove or correct the data about themselves that is originated from the country where he or she fears persecution. 

Member countries are encouraged to provide INTERPOL’s General Secretariat or, as applicable, the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files, with confirmation that an individual has been granted refugee status and of the outcome of an asylum application review.

Once a member country has confirmed a person’s refugee status, INTERPOL will delete any Notice or Diffusion for the individual from the country where he or she fears persecution.  If INTERPOL is notified that an asylum request has been denied, or that refugee status previously granted has been revoked, the data may be maintained, or restored, if it conforms to the Organization’s rules.